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We, at 103 studios strive to capture glimpses of withered moments and render it in its purest form.

Food photography, Food styling and Architecture being our areas of expertise, we provide promising services to capture the elegance and gravity of your every moment, ideas and possessions. Our work strives to make even their shadows reach the many eyes of the world.

Our position as one of the top amongst Indian food photographers, comes from having specialised various new techniques. We have struck a chord with brand new ideas in food photography and food styling. We've spread our wings to the Middle East, and have captured stories of delicacies crossing different geographic boundaries.

We have served more than 50 restaurants and hotels in India and Dubai. We've completed four successful years in this competitive industry and have been recognised as an innovative team for giving flight to our customers' ideas and visions.

Putting customers first, our diligent team persistently works beyond limits to hold fort as the leading food photographers in the industry.

Our work is delivered with astute professionalism and we work scrupulously towards achieving high photography standards in our food , architectural and travel domains.

Experience art come to life with our services and skills.